If I Had Only Known

Night Before Culinary School Started

Dear Greg, It is me, you, from the future. It is 2012, you have been out of school for less than a year and already you have been offered your first job as Sous Chef! Great work, you deserve it. You proved yourself by showing up at day one ready to go, taking initiative, working … Continue reading

Culinary Tool Haul! – Video

In my culinary tool haul I go over some of the tools I picked up on a kitchen shopping spree to round out my kit.

Physalis Berry Caramel

Physalis Berry Caramel

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, mistakes can be great! It was a mistake that lead to my discovery of this Physalis Berry Caramel sauce. I had originally set out to make a dessert sauce like we do with many of the berries at work. I cleaned the husks off the berries and removed the bitter … Continue reading

Book Haul Bloopers

Here for your viewing enjoyment! Check out the bloopers from our culinary book haul. Yay!

Culinary Book Haul 2 – Video

Watch the follow-up to my first culinary book haul: Part 2! You can watch Part 1 here.

So You Want to Be a Chef…

Pasta Dough

So You Want to Be a Chef…

A case of kale

So, you want to be a chef? Really? Are you sure? We are a weird bunch, bordering on masochism, what with the hours and heat and cuts and burns and so on and so forth. This is not the life of strolling through the country side to pick your ingredients and having hours to make … Continue reading