So You Want to Date a Chef: Date Night!

My fiancee, Jessica, has written another instalment of her series, So You Want to Date a Chef. Be sure to check out the previous posts in the series, as well as her blog and website. Living with your partner often means you have chances to connect with them intermittently throughout the day. Although I am … Continue reading

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What I Ate Wednesday: Poached Eggs

While G is busy in the kitchen – both at home and at work – I’m often able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Today I want to show you What I Ate (and what The Chef Life prepared) Wednesday: Check out what others are eating every Wednesday: Happy eats, everyone! – J

What to Expect

I thoroughly enjoyed the first article I wrote about what to expect in the food industry, and as a result I have decided to make it into a returning series! From time to time I will write about the realities faced by those in the food industry, and provide my thoughts and any advice I … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesday!

What to Expect

Chef Life

I am lucky to live in a country where there are systems in place to ensure that I am treated fairly in the work place. While I had heard stories about the food industry I realize now that I really didn’t know what to expect while I was in school preparing for a career in … Continue reading