A Unique Wedding Day

Unique Wedding Day

6:50 AM Bismillah bismillah bismillah please don’t let me be late for work! 7:00 AM Pulled into the driveway, everything is fine now. It appears that my chef left for his catering on time 6:00 AM. It was supposed to be Neil Young he was catering but he cancelled his tour and now it is … Continue reading

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A Catering Day

A Catering Day

6:00 AM Arrive at the restaurant, pack a few things into the van. Luckily there is another couple going and they have room in the car for me. Last time I sat in between the two front seats of the van on a wooden chair. 6:15 AM Depart for Niagara-on-the-Lake. Should take three hours. 9:55 … Continue reading