Dish Pit

Ode to the Dishies

The dishies. Dishwasher, hey boy, you there, dish bitch, pit pig, etc. This post is to honour all of the dish washers out there who bust their ass every night. By far, the dish washer is the most overworked, underpaid and unappreciated employee in a restaurant. Beyond this, their job is very difficult to do, … Continue reading

Unique Wedding Day

A Unique Wedding Day

6:50 AM Bismillah bismillah bismillah please don’t let me be late for work! 7:00 AM Pulled into the driveway, everything is fine now. It appears that my chef left for his catering on time 6:00 AM. It was supposed to be Neil Young he was catering but he cancelled his tour and now it is … Continue reading

Making it Through the Winter

Making it Through the Winter

Figuring out how to make it through the winter is difficult if you are a restaurant. If you are a cook, it can often be just as challenging. I’d like to start off by dispelling any notions that my readers outside of Canada may have about our winters. Yes, it snows, and from time to … Continue reading

Kitchen Terms

Sally, 4-Top, Chit, and Other Kitchenisms

Rocket – An incredibly high-temperature burner that connects to propane and is portable. Often used in catering situations. Sally – Short for Salamander, a broiler usually fixed above a stove though sometimes found underneath a flat top. Common use would be “30 seconds on that gratinee, it’s in the sally now.” 4-Top – A table … Continue reading


Wicked Lemonade, it’s Easy

With the advent of both Ramadan and the summer, I have been looking for delicious things to drink. I have always loved lemonade, but thought it too much of a hassle to make. Then I found out, it is actually incredibly simple! And the results are outstanding, far better than anything you can buy in … Continue reading

Simple White Bread

Simple White Bread

I’ve made white bread at a few different restaurants and this recipe I have found to be the simplest technique yielding the best result. After posting a picture of the mountain of hand-sliced bread on my instagram, um_leeen requested the recipe, so this one is for you! Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Minutes Rising/Benching: 1 … Continue reading


Basic Kitchen Etiquette

While many chefs start their careers in their teens I first entered a kitchen when I was 24. I quickly had to learn my basic kitchen etiquette through trial and error and sometimes that meant accidentally stepping on toes. In the hope of you being able to avoid this I have compiled a short list … Continue reading

Farmer Jay's

A Day at Farmer Jay’s

The move to the country has brought about a bunch of opportunities for Jessica and I. One of these is the opportunity to learn more about the realities of keeping a homestead. We have often talked about the attractive idea of living off our land. Jessica has I horse, I want a horse, so having … Continue reading

A Catering Day

A Catering Day

6:00 AM Arrive at the restaurant, pack a few things into the van. Luckily there is another couple going and they have room in the car for me. Last time I sat in between the two front seats of the van on a wooden chair. 6:15 AM Depart for Niagara-on-the-Lake. Should take three hours. 9:55 … Continue reading