Culinary Tool Haul! – Video

In my culinary tool haul I go over some of the tools I picked up on a kitchen shopping spree to round out my kit. Advertisements

Asian Market Grocery Haul

Check out my first ever grocery haul. Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Book Haul Bloopers

Here for your viewing enjoyment! Check out the bloopers from our culinary book haul. Yay!

Culinary Book Haul 2 – Video

Watch the follow-up to my first culinary book haul: Part 2! You can watch Part 1 here.

Culinary Book Haul – Video

Today I was featured on my fiancee’s YouTube channel. She has been putting up some great content: book reviews, intellectual debate, and documenting her monthly projects. In this video we collaborate on a culinary book haul, as I received many for Christmas (yes I know, a bit late, but I have a LOT to cover). … Continue reading

Cleaning Chicken – Video

Cleaning Chicken

There are many advantages to buying a whole chicken and then breaking it down yourself. When I was in high school I did a co-op in my senior year with a luthier (John Newton was his name and he is quite renowned for his violas and to a lesser extent his violins), and something he … Continue reading

Cleaning Salmon – Video

Salmon Cartilage

Perhaps this is a strange statement to make, especially as more than once I have been asked if my knife bag is my Dexter bag, but there are few things I do in the kitchen on a regular basis that I enjoy more than taking an animal apart. First of all, it takes knowledge. Unless … Continue reading

Chef’s Day Off

J and G at the Royal

Today, while most of the world worked, I had one of my days off. This is common in the food industry, you will be working all of the times everyone else is off (see: Christmas, New Years, Weekends, etc). However, it was not a typical day off, as J had taken the day off from … Continue reading