Death to the Turkeys

Death to the Turkeys

You may remember that back at the end of June I outlined my intention to visit a local abattoir. While the scheduling of this has not yet panned out, I still intend on following through with this. However, just as Thanksgiving was approaching here in Canada, I had the opportunity to help some local colleagues … Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie with Tea Biscuit Crust

Chicken Pot Pie

It must have been around the end of June that Dad sent me an email asking me for a great Chicken Pot Pie recipe. It didn’t matter to him that the sweltering months of the summer were just around the corner, he needed a solution to his pot pie conundrum. Chicken pot pie, it turns … Continue reading

Simple White Bread

Simple White Bread

I’ve made white bread at a few different restaurants and this recipe I have found to be the simplest technique yielding the best result. After posting a picture of the mountain of hand-sliced bread on my instagram, um_leeen requested the recipe, so this one is for you! Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Minutes Rising/Benching: 1 … Continue reading

Amazing Simple Puddin!

Pudding From Scratch

I know what everyone is thinking. Pudding? Of course it’s easy, I pour it out of a box. Of course this is true, but it is also true that you can make your own pudding from scratch almost as easily, with the benefits being many. First of all, you have the flexibility to do anything, … Continue reading

Physalis Berry Caramel

Physalis Berry Caramel

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, mistakes can be great! It was a mistake that lead to my discovery of this Physalis Berry Caramel sauce. I had originally set out to make a dessert sauce like we do with many of the berries at work. I cleaned the husks off the berries and removed the bitter … Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies (from scratch)

Brownies From Scratch

Brownies have always featured close to the top of my favourite dessert list, and until I worked at my current job I had only known them from a box! This is a very simple recipe to follow, uses only five ingredients, and with the proper employment of some basic techniques yields a superior brownie. Crunchy … Continue reading

Cleaning Chicken – Video

Cleaning Chicken

There are many advantages to buying a whole chicken and then breaking it down yourself. When I was in high school I did a co-op in my senior year with a luthier (John Newton was his name and he is quite renowned for his violas and to a lesser extent his violins), and something he … Continue reading

Cold Smoking Salmon, 1st Attempt

So the menu calls for house maple-smoked salmon to go alongside salmon rillette and arctic char gravlax on our trout assiette starter. Initially I thought this would not be a big deal as we do a lot of smoking in the restaurant, whether it is chilis for our hot sauce or pork shoulder to top … Continue reading

Cooking Lobster

Raw Lobsters

Everyone loves lobster, the rich and creamy texture, the classic seafood aroma, the beautiful red shells… Everyone but me. Lobster is OK, but it is certainly not something that I myself am drawn to. However, being a chef, this doesn’t much matter. You have to know how to cook and love every ingredient that passes … Continue reading

Cleaning Salmon – Video

Salmon Cartilage

Perhaps this is a strange statement to make, especially as more than once I have been asked if my knife bag is my Dexter bag, but there are few things I do in the kitchen on a regular basis that I enjoy more than taking an animal apart. First of all, it takes knowledge. Unless … Continue reading