To School or Not to School

Recently one of my readers, Kimberly (check out what she’s doing on her blog), requested my experience with culinary school. In the industry more and more people are getting a formal education. That being said, there are certainly still those who have attended the school of hard knocks. It is a rare industry where education … Continue reading

If I Had Only Known

Night Before Culinary School Started

Dear Greg, It is me, you, from the future. It is 2012, you have been out of school for less than a year and already you have been offered your first job as Sous Chef! Great work, you deserve it. You proved yourself by showing up at day one ready to go, taking initiative, working … Continue reading

Ode to the Dishies

Dish Pit

The dishies. Dishwasher, hey boy, you there, dish bitch, pit pig, etc. This post is to honour all of the dish washers out there who bust their ass every night. By far, the dish washer is the most overworked, underpaid and unappreciated employee in a restaurant. Beyond this, their job is very difficult to do, … Continue reading

Sally, 4-Top, Chit, and Other Kitchenisms

Kitchen Terms

Rocket – An incredibly high-temperature burner that connects to propane and is portable. Often used in catering situations. Sally – Short for Salamander, a broiler usually fixed above a stove though sometimes found underneath a flat top. Common use would be “30 seconds on that gratinee, it’s in the sally now.” 4-Top – A table … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesday – New Job Edition!

Today I started my new job! I didn’t write a prep list, but during the menu meeting I took lots of notes on the print out!

What to Expect

I thoroughly enjoyed the first article I wrote about what to expect in the food industry, and as a result I have decided to make it into a returning series! From time to time I will write about the realities faced by those in the food industry, and provide my thoughts and any advice I … Continue reading

Black Box

Black Box

I turn left into the driveway, between greens and deserts, islands of grey snow disappearing into the ground. The building looks old and beautiful, and remarkably large. After putting the car into park I pull out my phone to remember the chef’s name, Patrick. A glance in the mirror then I grab my old knife … Continue reading

What to Expect

Chef Life

I am lucky to live in a country where there are systems in place to ensure that I am treated fairly in the work place. While I had heard stories about the food industry I realize now that I really didn’t know what to expect while I was in school preparing for a career in … Continue reading

Culinary Book Haul 2 – Video

Watch the follow-up to my first culinary book haul: Part 2! You can watch Part 1 here.

Culinary Book Haul – Video

Today I was featured on my fiancee’s YouTube channel. She has been putting up some great content: book reviews, intellectual debate, and documenting her monthly projects. In this video we collaborate on a culinary book haul, as I received many for Christmas (yes I know, a bit late, but I have a LOT to cover). … Continue reading