To School or Not to School

Recently one of my readers, Kimberly (check out what she’s doing on her blog), requested my experience with culinary school. In the industry more and more people are getting a formal education. That being said, there are certainly still those who have attended the school of hard knocks. It is a rare industry where education … Continue reading

If I Had Only Known

Night Before Culinary School Started

Dear Greg, It is me, you, from the future. It is 2012, you have been out of school for less than a year and already you have been offered your first job as Sous Chef! Great work, you deserve it. You proved yourself by showing up at day one ready to go, taking initiative, working … Continue reading

Fitbit Kitchen Review

Fitbit Kitchen Review

As I have been humbly attempting to slim down ever so slightly, I have been more in touch with what’s going on in the fitness world these days. One very interesting trend is the aid of technology in helping us track our goals, and in this article I am speaking specifically about one such device: … Continue reading

Death to the Turkeys

Death to the Turkeys

You may remember that back at the end of June I outlined my intention to visit a local abattoir. While the scheduling of this has not yet panned out, I still intend on following through with this. However, just as Thanksgiving was approaching here in Canada, I had the opportunity to help some local colleagues … Continue reading

Making it Through the Winter

Making it Through the Winter

Figuring out how to make it through the winter is difficult if you are a restaurant. If you are a cook, it can often be just as challenging. I’d like to start off by dispelling any notions that my readers outside of Canada may have about our winters. Yes, it snows, and from time to … Continue reading

A Day at Farmer Jay’s

Farmer Jay's

The move to the country has brought about a bunch of opportunities for Jessica and I. One of these is the opportunity to learn more about the realities of keeping a homestead. We have often talked about the attractive idea of living off our land. Jessica has I horse, I want a horse, so having … Continue reading

You Eat Meat, Right?

Eat Meat

I’m not sure when it happened. I’m sure that it was one of those things that happened so gradually that it would be impossible to pinpoint a moment in time. But somewhere along the line we decided as a society that it was OK to eat meat, as long as it was only a certain … Continue reading

The Bitter Unchangeable Law

Rachael and Me

Some of you may have wondered where I went. Two Mondays ago, I lost my step-sister, Rachael. She was 27 years old and died of a pulmonary blood clot in the same house she was born in. Despite experiencing asthmatic symptoms, she trekked up North to celebrate her fathers 60th birthday with all of us … Continue reading