Cooking is an evolutionary process, an adventure. Let me explain.

Night Before Culinary School Started

Taken the night before I started at the Pearson School of Culinary Arts. At the time I dubbed this my “Iron Chef Pose”.

To look at a pile of ingredients is to look at raw potential, and from this comes inspiration, an idea, an envisioned dish. So you set out hunting for any missing pieces, which you will never find in full, and this informs the next steps you take, this idealized dish makes its first transformation. And so it continues as you add heat (or not), as you watch your ingredients react (or not), add a pinch of this, and a dash of that, and feed it love. It is exciting to develop this food that will ultimately nurture the recipients of it.

My background has always been the arts. Never in a million years did I think this would lead me to a career in professional cooking. After graduating high school, I did two years of classical music in Violin Performance at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. After this, I moved to Oakville and graduated from the two year Applied Photography program at Sheridan college. This lead me to Concordia University in Montreal, where I attended for just over a month (with the intention of majoring in Fine Arts Photography, and minoring in Music) before deciding it was not for me. In the months to come I would work part time at a grocery store and cook like a fiend at home.

This admittedly came out of nowhere. I had no explanation for the fervour with which I performed this task. I just fell in love I suppose, constantly seeking to try new ingredients, new techniques, resulting in varied success. The next step was applying to culinary school and attending the following September. I graduated from the Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Montreal in July of 2011 with a solid foundation of the basics and was immediately hired by the Bread Bar located in Hamilton, ON where I learned my first hard lessons. After the Bread Bar, I did a short stint at a place called the Red Canoe Bistro in Burlington before moving onto a job I would despise (but one I am extremely grateful I took) at a banquet hall in Burlington. Following this was a completely new experience as the Sous Chef at a large corporate company, Mill St (partnered with Select Service Partners) at the Pearson International Airport. I remained here for six months, learning countless lessons, before deciding it was not for me. This takes me to my current occupation as Sous Chef at a small restaurant that does modern Canadian cuisine, in a 30 seat resto, also known as “the dream”.

Follow along as I give you honest insight into the food industry, professional techniques and recipes, and reflections on this intense and crazy life in a career I never could have imagined.

One Response to “About”
  1. kimberleyRiziki says:

    Hi there,
    first off, just, WOW, You’re probably living my dream.

    I’m more than interested in getting into culinary school to kickstart a career as a chef. I’m currently looking into schools and I am wondering if its not too much to ask, if I could please get some advice, on what to look for, what to expect and probably the basics, stuff like , the difference between a degree in culinary arts and culinary arts management and maye some input on what an ideal programme would look like.
    From your posts I can see that you lead a very busy life, but if you could find time, I would really appreciate your input.
    Have a good week,
    thanks in advance

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