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Making it Through the Winter

Making it Through the Winter

Figuring out how to make it through the winter is difficult if you are a restaurant. If you are a cook, it can often be just as challenging. I’d like to start off by dispelling any notions that my readers outside of Canada may have about our winters. Yes, it snows, and from time to … Continue reading

Sally, 4-Top, Chit, and Other Kitchenisms

Kitchen Terms

Rocket – An incredibly high-temperature burner that connects to propane and is portable. Often used in catering situations. Sally – Short for Salamander, a broiler usually fixed above a stove though sometimes found underneath a flat top. Common use would be “30 seconds on that gratinee, it’s in the sally now.” 4-Top – A table … Continue reading

Wicked Lemonade, it’s Easy


With the advent of both Ramadan and the summer, I have been looking for delicious things to drink. I have always loved lemonade, but thought it too much of a hassle to make. Then I found out, it is actually incredibly simple! And the results are outstanding, far better than anything you can buy in … Continue reading