You Eat Meat, Right?

Eat Meat

I’m not sure when it happened. I’m sure that it was one of those things that happened so gradually that it would be impossible to pinpoint a moment in time. But somewhere along the line we decided as a society that it was OK to eat meat, as long as it was only a certain … Continue reading

The Flying Chestnut

The Flying Chestnut

Last week I wrote about the families adventure to Munshaw’s Bistro in Flesherton. In the preamble I mentioned we had first attempted to go to a restaurant that Jessica and I were considering to cater our wedding. Well this weekend we successfully accomplished that at the Flying Chestnut! Located in Eugenia (look it up), this … Continue reading

What’s in My Knife Bag?

Chef Knife Kit

Every chef is different as to the tools they prefer. They will have a preference for even the most standard piece of equipment. Take the chef knife for instance, the backbone of any kit. First, the material: German steel, Japanese steel or acrylic? The handle: wood, leather, plastic, rubber? The length: 6″, 8″ 10″? The … Continue reading

Munshaw’s Bistro

Munshaw's Bistro

As May rolled into June, Jessica’s family and I headed up to the cottage. On Sunday we headed over to a restaurant we are considering for catering our wedding only to find they were having an old fashioned hoe-down to celebrate their three year anniversary. As none of us were dressed to be outside we … Continue reading