Amazing Simple Puddin!

Pudding From Scratch

I know what everyone is thinking. Pudding? Of course it’s easy, I pour it out of a box. Of course this is true, but it is also true that you can make your own pudding from scratch almost as easily, with the benefits being many. First of all, you have the flexibility to do anything, … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesday – New Job Edition!

Today I started my new job! I didn’t write a prep list, but during the menu meeting I took lots of notes on the print out!

Culinary Tool Haul! – Video

In my culinary tool haul I go over some of the tools I picked up on a kitchen shopping spree to round out my kit.

Asian Market Grocery Haul

Check out my first ever grocery haul. Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

What to Expect

I thoroughly enjoyed the first article I wrote about what to expect in the food industry, and as a result I have decided to make it into a returning series! From time to time I will write about the realities faced by those in the food industry, and provide my thoughts and any advice I … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesday!


A big thank you to all my readers/subscribers as The Chef Life passes 2000 views! Your support and curiosity has been inspiring. Stay tuned, so much more to come!!

Physalis Berry Caramel

Physalis Berry Caramel

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, mistakes can be great! It was a mistake that lead to my discovery of this Physalis Berry Caramel sauce. I had originally set out to make a dessert sauce like we do with many of the berries at work. I cleaned the husks off the berries and removed the bitter … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesdays!

Book Haul Bloopers

Here for your viewing enjoyment! Check out the bloopers from our culinary book haul. Yay!