Prep List Wednesdays! +Bonus!


What to Expect

Chef Life

I am lucky to live in a country where there are systems in place to ensure that I am treated fairly in the work place. While I had heard stories about the food industry I realize now that I really didn’t know what to expect while I was in school preparing for a career in … Continue reading

Culinary Book Haul 2 – Video

Watch the follow-up to my first culinary book haul: Part 2! You can watch Part 1 here.

Culinary Book Haul – Video

Today I was featured on my fiancee’s YouTube channel. She has been putting up some great content: book reviews, intellectual debate, and documenting her monthly projects. In this video we collaborate on a culinary book haul, as I received many for Christmas (yes I know, a bit late, but I have a LOT to cover). … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesdays!!! (Sick Edition)

Chocolate Brownies (from scratch)

Brownies From Scratch

Brownies have always featured close to the top of my favourite dessert list, and until I worked at my current job I had only known them from a box! This is a very simple recipe to follow, uses only five ingredients, and with the proper employment of some basic techniques yields a superior brownie. Crunchy … Continue reading

Prep List Wednesdays!

Prep List

Cleaning Chicken – Video

Cleaning Chicken

There are many advantages to buying a whole chicken and then breaking it down yourself. When I was in high school I did a co-op in my senior year with a luthier (John Newton was his name and he is quite renowned for his violas and to a lesser extent his violins), and something he … Continue reading