So You Want to Date a Chef: Planning Your Time

Planning your time is incredibly important. This statement almost seems redundant, but by quickly surveying a few friends, I know that it is not the norm for a lot of folks. If you have any hopes of seeing your Chef, you both need to be comfortable with planning your time together. Though we are busy … Continue reading

Cleaning Salmon – Video

Salmon Cartilage

Perhaps this is a strange statement to make, especially as more than once I have been asked if my knife bag is my Dexter bag, but there are few things I do in the kitchen on a regular basis that I enjoy more than taking an animal apart. First of all, it takes knowledge. Unless … Continue reading

Chef’s Day Off

J and G at the Royal

Today, while most of the world worked, I had one of my days off. This is common in the food industry, you will be working all of the times everyone else is off (see: Christmas, New Years, Weekends, etc). However, it was not a typical day off, as J had taken the day off from … Continue reading

Indirect Praise

If you have watched any of the shows on television like Kitchen Impossible or Hells Kitchen you may have an image in your head of a chef screaming at the top of their lungs because the chicken is slightly overcooked. Let me tell you that, thankfully, this is not typical. I have never worked in … Continue reading

So You Want to Be a Chef…

Pasta Dough

So You Want to Date a Chef…

J and G

As you may have heard, the life of a chef is a hectic one. The lifestyle is suitable for certain types of people, as you’ve probably ascertained from the contents of this blog. The lifestyle required for chefs is suitable (or unsuitable) to certain kinds of partners, as well. Though it may come as a … Continue reading

The Simply Impossible Macaron

Today was a slower day at the restaurant, giving me a chance to focus on two projects I had been wanting to do: sausage, and a classic French macaron. This post will focus on the macaron with a separate post on the sausage making to come later. Why focus on macaron first? Well, frankly, because … Continue reading